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Friday Trade & Analysis

Friday 11/2 Trade Call and Discussion: 


12:54 Cynthia E:  SHORT BEAR 1418

12:54 Rhemabound:  love that bear sound - and she's shorrrrt - so am I - short AAPL

13:00 Cynthia E:  I'm looking at 1409 here - there is no structure on the histogram to stop us between here and there if we really start to break

13:00 Cynthia E:  1409 being the low of yesterday or the bottom of the 'P' shape

13:00 Rhemabound:  HOMERUN CYN - you go Sweeeetie!!

13:00 Deller:  wow. hope so

13:00 Deller:  sounds good to me

13:00 Cynthia E:  :) me too

13:00 Rhemabound:  she's got MOXY - and she's awful dang smart!

13:02 Deller:  I hope to understand that profile structure soon

13:02 toomuch:  sell sell sell

13:02 Cynthia E:  I just mean there are no distribution curves or "thick" spots on the histogram between our current price and 1409

13:02 YO:  lol ok I'll breath now.... OUT 1416.75  yeah 3pts!

13:03 PJ:  Great Job Yo!!

13:03 Queenie:  Go Yo

13:03 Cynthia E:  You go YO!  ^5 - that is $6 for you today, right?

13:03 YO:  yep 2 for 2 6pts done for the day!

13:04 Rhemabound:  COOL YO!

13:04 Deller:  3 pts. chickend out though

13:05 Deller:  oh, very happy with that. thanks!

13:05 Rhemabound:  they add up for sure!

13:06 Cynthia E:  This trade could get FAT!!!!

13:06 Cynthia E:  Big picture gang big picture

13:06 Rhemabound:  YYYYEAH!!

13:07 CTP:  what do you mean by FAT?

13:07 Queenie:  Cyn, show me the big picture

13:07 Cynthia E:  we are breaking back inside the 1416.75 down to 1397.50 5 day balance range....a confirmed close back inside here like on the 15 min could create a test of the lower side of that balance range all the way down to 1397.50

13:07 Cynthia E:  I mean BIG MONEY CTP!

13:08 lendar79:  money train:)

13:09 Cynthia E:

13:09 CTP:  Nice

13:09 Cynthia E:

13:10 Cynthia E:  Remember BIG PICTURE guys!!!

13:11 Birdy:  Carol, please pass the bubble wrap.

13:11 Cynthia E:  We can't "bounce" off that 1416.75 level though - we have to close IN it

13:11 Cynthia E:  When you are in a trade like this and things are starting to move - this is when I'm rotating around between my "views"

13:12 Cynthia E:  layer 1 looking a the 14400 and the histogram - layer 2 looking at the morning update outlook charts, etc .... step back and get your eyes of just the small stuff and look at where OTF could get REALLY interested in their assets

13:13 Cynthia E:  Clearly nothing is guaranteed - but you have to at least be paying attention to the bigger possibilities!  :)

13:14 Rhemabound:  absolutely - educated guesses - the EDGE

13:14 Cynthia E:  So Baja - am I willing to let this small gain go negative for the potential for the big drop?  You BET!

13:15 Baja:  Hehe !! :)

13:15 Cynthia E:  I say that with a smile!

13:15 Rhemabound:  yessss! you go CYN ...big potential

13:16 Cynthia E:  Baja - the WMA is moving down already to 1418 where I got in - so I have NO problem following the WMA exit rule to allow this thing room to work

13:16 Baja:  Cyn you are ss from 1418 and the WMA is now @ 1418.50 so your risk is now only .50 ?

13:16 Cynthia E:  So see I'm not going nuts - it's not like I'm going to risk $6 pts on it or something - I'm just going to ENJOY seeing if this can play out - win or lose!

13:18 Cynthia E:  See  - you guys need to have FUN with your trades - too much tension in here!

13:19 Cynthia E:  <<Holding breath, bubble wrap>>  you guys need to let loose!  ;)

13:19 Rhemabound:  lol  funny how we do that to ourselves - you are so right

13:19 Birdy:  lol

13:19 Carol:  sure do

13:19 YO:  fun with sweaty hands? : )

13:20 Birdy:  we need to create mental pictures of relaxing rides on the open range, with the breeze blowing through our hair, the smell of horses.

13:20 Cynthia E:  ME too!  But you can see on the chart above WHY the prolonged test - the break means 'LOOK OUT BELOW'!!!!!

13:20 Rhemabound:  Heck Yeah ...Cyn will get us 'used to this' profit stuff - sweaty hands will be HISTORY

13:21 Cynthia E:  See knowing WHY the market would hold and hesitate is what provides fortitude to hold - then all this hop scotch the market is playing while you sit here and wait it out makes good logical sense.  You KNOW what you are waiting for either way (failure means up over the WMA) - success means WHOOSH!

13:23 Cynthia E:  But KNOWING makes waiting a "strong hand" rather than.   Oh! I'm up 1, eek, now back to break even --- eeeehhhhhh, now down .5, oh <sweat off brow> I'm back up 1 again - that is why you have to stop playing for the tiny moves!

13:23 CTP:  Lol.  Have you been watching me on my webcam?

13:23 Queenie:  Have you got a hidden camera in my office

13:28 Carol:  I am, but it is hard to stay with it

13:28 Rhemabound:  easier though when the poster child stock is tanking

13:28 Cynthia E:  there is NOTHING wrong gang - even on a trade like this to take your base hit - points are points ...

13:29 YO:  you have more patience and courage than me.... maybe its the bubble wrap : )

13:29 CTP:  Lots of small lots going off - nothing big

13:29 YO:  I took base hits 2x today and that = a homerun

13:29 YO:  only in trading : )

13:29 Cynthia E:  more importantly though YO given the graph above do you see WHY I'm having patience ....

13:30 lendar79:  looks like  we r not going back to that consolidation range of 5 choppy days

13:31 Cynthia E:  new half just started - this will often help consolidation to break if it is going to

13:31 lendar79:  cyn e where is your stop on the short?

13:32 YO:  but I do really appreciate those you have that today and watch them take 6pts or 8pts or 10pts that is AWESOME

13:32 Cynthia E:  I am watching my WMA trail line - it is sitting at 1417.75 but I won't exit except by the rules - a CLOSE over then plus 1 or 2 ticks

13:36 lendar79:  nice!!!!

13:36 Cynthia E:  alright ! let's rock and roll - come on! ;)

13:36 RMFJ:  1409 target?

13:37 Cynthia E:  That area yes - order is there now - might move depending on momentum

13:39 Cynthia E:  are we watching :) :) ;) :)

13:40 alice:  for sure

13:40 YO:  yo yo yo go go go congrats all

13:40 Queenie:  Good grief, I need a bed pan

13:40 Cynthia E:  LOVE it! :)

13:40 MarcM:  im in shock

13:40 hijack:  just made my 3 pts

13:41 Cynthia E:  SUPER hijack!  WELL DONE

13:41 Cynthia E:  When you play to win rather than play "each trade" - it is a very different mental game!

13:42 PJ:  WOW!!

13:43 Cynthia E:  I will start to watch 1415 as resistance because it was the last swing low

13:43 Tombo:  wma  1415?

13:43 Cynthia E:  mine is at 1416

13:43 Tombo:  ty

13:44 mktpower:  out 6 pts

13:45 YO:  nice mkt

13:45 mktpower:  in 1418.25 out 1412.25

13:45 PJ:  Super Trade

13:45 Birdy:  Cyn, I think your quote above should be our next Bulletin.

13:45 mktpower:  tty

13:45 Cynthia E:  Great idea Birdy ! I will make it so!

13:46 Cynthia E:  all internals support this thesis - 15 min bar just closed strong

13:47 lendar79:  go go!!!

13:48 Cynthia E:  now wma down to 1415

13:48 Cynthia E:  continued extension on the histogram

13:49 RMFJ:  out... 4 pts... had a lower short entry than y'all!

13:50 alice:  show us , pls

13:50 Cynthia E:  watching the ERG also - to see if it starts to show momentum slowing by turning white on me

13:50 Carol:  ^5 RMFJ

13:50 Cynthia E:  nice RMFJ - well done

13:51 RMFJ:  ty

13:51 alice:  great job, RMFJ

13:52 YO:  well played RMFJ

13:52 hijack:  FYI  you can print Cyn, charts on top

13:53 Carol:  out 1412.75 7

13:53 YO:  ^5 carol!!!!

13:53 alice:  great, Carol

13:54 Tombo:  feeling good on a friday is good for you

13:54 otto1939:  ^7 Carol

13:54 Queenie:  Great job Carol.  I'm out too with 6.75pts for the day

13:54 Cynthia E:  WOW!!! SUPER job Carol!

13:54 RMFJ:  nice job queenie

13:54 CTP:  I got a late entry, but still got 2.5pts out of it

13:54 RMFJ:  and carol!

13:54 Rhemabound:  suhWEEEET guys!

13:55 Queenie:  Thanks all and special thanks to Cyn!!!!!!!

13:55 Carol:  couldn't have done it without Cyn.  Would have been out much earlier

13:55 NPR:  Great job everyone!!

13:55 YO:  congrats queenie nice job

13:55 alice:  out too, 6pts

13:55 Cynthia E:  AWESOME Alice!  Spectacular!

13:55 YO:  and alice and all winners

13:55 Carol:  ^5 Queenie & alice

13:55 CTP:  Wow, that gives you all a great day to make up for market being closed 2 days this week

13:55 Tombo:  no losers in here

13:56 Carol:  first 3 days 13.75-thx Cyn

13:56 PJ:  Just checked back.  Congrats Super Traders!

13:56 Cynthia E:  FANTASTIC Carol!

13:56 CTP:  Great job Carol!

13:58 RMFJ:  anyone else have a 23.6% fib sitting right at 1411?

13:58 Deller:  great job guys. have a lot of studying to do this weekend.  Thanks Cynthia!

13:58 Cynthia E:  those are FUN setups to see - to play - and to watch develop, and even if they don't go as far as we hope - it is exciting!

13:58 Cynthia E:  YW Deller! :)

13:59 RMFJ:  actually, my 23.6 fib is 1410.70 to be exact

14:01 Cynthia E:  RMFJ - my fib starts on the 10/18 high

14:01 Tombo:  yours turns before TOS does

14:02 Cynthia E:  yes Tombo the eSignal data is a bit more tick by tick and the alignment of the indicators on 3600 is a bit cleaner than the 3200

14:02 lendar79:  out 4.25

14:03 lendar79:  I want 1406

14:04 CTP:  Nice Lendar.  Pretty good day for you.

14:04 Cynthia E:  you can see RMFJ on the graph above I have your fib but reversed - I'm tracking the last swing low from sept to our swing high - that puts my low at 1394.50 and high at 1468

14:04 Cynthia E:  well done lendar! ^5

14:07 Rhemabound:  coool

14:07 Carol:  great

14:07 alice:  super

14:08 mktpower:  thats a good idea

14:15 Cynthia E:  here we go - are you all watching - turning down again!

14:16 alice:  y

14:16 Carol:  y

14:16 MarcM:  y

14:16 mktpower:  y

14:16 Carol:  never closed above the wma

14:16 Cynthia E:  nope

14:17 alice:  Carol, good pt.

14:17 otto1939:  ERG still white, above the yellow line

14:19 RMFJ:  man, between ES trading and Bank of America trading...I don't know what I like better!

14:19 RMFJ:  :)

14:20 Tombo:  55 min to close where did the time go

14:23 hijack:  24 wma still in play

14:24 RMFJ:  Anyone still in this short?

14:24 mktpower:  yes

14:24 Cynthia E:  WMA has wondered down now to about 1413.75

14:24 CTP:  Nice MKT, from what entry?

14:24 RMFJ:  whoa neg tick

14:25 mktpower:  re entry 1412.75

14:25 Carol:  going lower ?

14:25 CTP:  ok

14:25 Rhemabound:  go ahead AAPL - make my day

14:25 Cynthia E:  lol Rhema

14:25 RMFJ:  right back to positive...  I almost have made myself stop watching ticks completely... so much noise

14:25 RMFJ:  its actually helped my trading I think

14:25 Rhemabound:  :)

14:26 Cynthia E:  yeah - I don't watch $TICK too much - agree on the "noise" factor - I like breadth and A/D

14:27 mktpower:  target 1409.75

14:28 Cynthia E:  Want you show you all why I would not enter unless we BROKE 1419

14:29 MarcM:  please

14:31 Rhemabound:  could get sucked in to the vortex here with this momentum and actually make it - if ES cooperates

14:31 Cynthia E:

14:31 CTP:  there it goes

14:31 RMFJ:  here you go Cyn...1409

14:31 Rhemabound:  yessssss

14:31 Cynthia E:  Go mktpower - whoo hoo!!!

14:31 Cynthia E:  get it girl! :)

14:32 RMFJ:  ahhh 1419 lower bound of past two days balance/

14:32 Birdy:  I just took 2 pts short.

14:33 Cynthia E:  Yes! RMFJ - remember TPO count gang!  Remember I said balance is anything with 4 or more TPOs????

14:33 Birdy:  Cyn, I love that histogram.

14:33 mktpower:  yeah  3 pts

14:33 Cynthia E:  LOOK at 1419 above - do you see the VERY clear "break" of "balance" at that level


14:33 mktpower:  I am finding this histogram very helpful

14:34 mktpower:  thank you thank you thank you   and I can't thank you enough Cynthia!!!

14:34 CTP:  Awesome MKT

14:34 mktpower:  ty

14:35 Cynthia E:  yw! :)

14:35 lendar79:  give me 1406

14:35 Cynthia E:  Ah- come on - don't leave me 2 tick short here of the 1409, haha

14:36 Cynthia E:  here we go - come on

14:36 Cynthia E:  Now WMA down to 1412

14:37 MissBea:  Cyn need some further explaination of your 1419 comment, you're saying in order to put on a new short we'd need to visit 1419?

14:37 Cynthia E:  No NO - sorry- I was meaning in reference into the trade we just took short around 1:51

14:38 Cynthia E:  I wanted to give a visual of why I was unwilling to enter the trade UNLESS we had a 3600 candle or a 15 min candle CLOSE below the 1419 level

14:39 MissBea:  so once we broke out of balance, you had a green light

14:39 mktpower:  I appreciate all of your explanations

14:40 Cynthia E:  yes - and all 3600 chart indicators were confirming a short entry so it was a perfect setup

14:40 Carol:  I was lucky I didn't get burned because I was too early

14:41 Cynthia E:  It was managed risk Carol -

14:41 Mark99:  And 1419 was balance area low for 2 days, yesterday and today

14:42 Cynthia E:  Yes Mark - as shown in the picture above.

14:43 lendar79:  good job rhema:)

14:43 Cynthia E:  way to go Rhema

14:43 Rhemabound:  :)  ...Cyn helps tremendously by 'driving the ES' for me - day I will trade them with y'all!

14:44 Rhemabound:  thank you Coach - and thanks for your help - I made over 1,000 % on that weekly option today - NO KIDDING

14:44 Carol:  ^5 Rhema

14:45 Rhemabound:  no - AAPL option

14:46 Cynthia E:  1409!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14:46 lendar79:  1406!!!

14:46 Carol:  1409 and then some !

14:46 PJ:  Incredible Cyn, great trade

14:47 Mark99:  Nice Fortitude!!

14:47 NPR:  Awesome Cyn!!!!

14:47 Birdy:  great way to end the week, Cyn I think everyone in here was profitable today.  AWESOME job.

14:48 Cynthia E:  Fantastic Birdy- music to my ears! :)

14:49 Carol:  $$$  all around


14:49 Carol:  it sure did

14:49 Birdy:  right on

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Trades for week ending 10-26-12

The week was busy with many great trade opportunities.  An internet outage Tues AM and Fed Day slowed down profits just a bit, but the week was great nevertheless!  Plus $9.50 net points.  "I'll take it!" :) 

Best in the Markets, 

Cynthia E

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This page is dedicated to talking S & P 500 E-mini Trading.  It is my specialty, it is what I love to trade and love to discuss.  Watch here each week for comments, trades, and /ES ideas!  

Trading is fun, so let's make some money!  

Best in the Markets! 

Cynthia E 

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