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ShadowTrader Pro Swing Advisory - LMT - Buy the stock

February 13, 2012

Company: Lockheed Martin (LMT)
Action:  Buy the stock
Shares: 150
Price: $87.95
Stop: $n/a
Target: $n/a

Trade Explanation: We are buying LMT as the broad market continues to show resiliency and LMT itself is showing no signs of reversing into prior resistance levels.  We will revist the trade in the future but for now we are stepping aside with a very small loss on the trade to manage risk.


Please note: All posts are price sensitive. Therefore, all
recommendations, unless otherwise noted, are applicable
for 'DAY' orders only, not good-till-cancelled. If a
recommendation cannot be filled,we might choose to repost the trade
the following day along with any modifications.

*****Securities and options involve risk and are not suitable for all
investors. ******

ShadowTrader Swing Trader | 2/13/2012 1:29:43 PM | 0 Comments