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SMS/Twitter Alerts for ShadowTrader Swing Trader

The ShadowTrader Swing Trader advisory (found on the PEOPLE tab) offers SMS notifications of new posts.  This is a very popular feature and is extremely easy to use:

To start getting alerts:

Send "follow st_swing" (without the quote marks) to 40404.  So just like you were texting a friend, but with 40404 as the phone number you're sending to.

That will start text alerts for ShadorTrader Swing Trader.  Twitter will then send responses and you can set up a twitter account from there if you want to, but it's not necessary.

To stop getting alerts:

Send "off st_swing" (withought quote marks) to 40404.  

Other mytrade users are doing the same thing via their own twitter accounts and making it known in the BIO section of their profile page.  We think it's a great way to keep people informed of what's going on in your mytrade feed! 

*Your phone carrier may charge SMS text message fees, check your account.

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ShadowTrader Swing Trader is our most followed member:
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Integrate mytrade with your twitter account


Mytrade is fully integrated with twitter, so you can take your mytrade commentary and shared trades out to all of your twitter friends, and vice versa.  (If you don’t yet have a twitter account, get one at and follow mytrade on twitter.)

Getting Setup

Under the “MY PAGE” tab on mytrade, click on “My Settings” at the top right of the page.  Here you will see all of your user info, including a “twitter” section (as seen below.


Just put in your twitter username and password, and then select the actions that you want taken (more on that in a minute).

Share Trades to Twitter:

If you have the “Automatically export my trades to twitter” box checked in your settings, we will post your shared trades from thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade to your twitter account for you automatically.  

Import “tweets” to mytrade:

If you have the “Import my twitter messages that contain a $” box checked, we’ll grab anything you post on twitter that contains a dollar-sign and pull it into your mytrade account.  This way, you can update your mytrade page from your mobile, tweetdeck, iPhone or whatever you like to use.

NOTE:  Only twitter posts containing a $ will be imported, because we don’t want to hear about what your dog had for breakfast…..and it’s standard practice on twitter to put a $ before any ticker….for example:  $MCD is looking good today!

Export mytrade notes/blogs to twitter:

If you have a twitter username and password in your mytrade settings, you will start to see a checkbox “export to twitter” whenever you are writing a note or blog.  Just check it and we’ll post the trade to mytrade AND twitter on your behalf!

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Customize your mytrade DASHBOARD

The mytrade dashboard is designed to simplify your investing research, and leverage your results:

  • Import all of the updated content and data that matters to you from around the internet, automatically
  • Display everything in a format that has been completely customized by you
  • Review complete news stories, blog posts and other content without ever leaving your start page
  • Track your stocks and investment opportunities with streaming quotes, charts and feeds.

Here’s how it works:

Your mytrade dashboard is made up of 3 columns, each containing little content boxes that we call “pods”.

Pods bring in fresh content from around the internet for easy display in a single location—-YOUR mytrade dashboard! Pods can contain anything from watchlist quotes to charts to blog feed headlines to videos.

This allows you to completely customize your dashboard, essentially creating the ultimate website for YOUR investing style:

Add new pods: Click on “Customize this tab” and a menu will drop down with all of the different pod types that we support



On the left are the pod categories…scrollling over those will show you the different pods in that category. You can scroll through the pod options by clicking the left/right arrows in the main area to see more.

Just click on the pod type that you want to add and it will be placed on your page!

Rearrange pods: You can also move pods to different areas of the dashboard to make sure you get the flow that you’re after. To do this, simply click on the title-bar at top of the pod and drag and drop it where you want it to be. Don’t worry, every time you make a change to the page, your new layout is automatically saved.

Remove pods: To remove a pod from your dashboard, just click on the “x” at the top right of the pod. Poof!

Tabs separate content: Your dashboard is also separated into “tabs”. Each tab is unique and can have its own pods and layout. For example, you can make one tab your start page, one a collection of your favorite blogs (rss) and another dedicated to your favorite stock with charts, news and other content about that stock…

In the example above, you can see that the current tab is called “home”, the tab next to it is “my holdings”, etc. There are several things you can do with tabs:

  • Rename a tab by double-clicking quickly on its name
  • Change the order of your tabs by dragging and dropping them
  • Add a new tab by clicking no the “Add a New Tab” button
  • Delete a tab by using the drop down arrow on the current tab

As you can see, by combining unlimited pod combinations with the ability to “tab” your content, you can create the ultimate investing dashboard for your trading style.

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Create your own mytrade page; get followers!
Your mytrade page is a platform for sharing your thoughts, ideas and content-finds with the people that want to follow you.  Think of it as your home for investing.

Just go to the MY PAGE tab at the top of the mytrade screen....

Here's how it works:

Choose your home! (mytrade URL): The first thing you'll need to do is establish the address for your new home.  When you first go to set up your mytrade page, we'll ask you what you want your URL extension to be.... in other words,  It is strongly recommended that you use your real name so that you can establish a true identity and following on mytrade and so that your friends and family can easily remember it.

Add your picture: Click on the blank picture and go through the quick process of uploading yourself to our system.  Again, real faces work best here.  Mytrade is about REAL ideas from real people...dig?

About me, on the web: These areas let you tell us more about yourself and also will help drive traffic to your existing website, blog or other social networks.

Want followers?  Start Posting!

Now that your page is all set up, it's time to start posting new content.  Click the icons and you'll get the right form.  There are several different ways to post new content into the mytrade "stream", so that all of your followers can see it:

  • Trade Sharing:  Share your real trades with followers
  • Charts:  Click on the chart icon, upload an image of your chart and your thoughts.
  • Note: You've got 140 characters to tell us exactly what you're thinking!  Perfect for quick thoughts and built to be shared via mobile down the road
  • Blog it out: Full posts with links, images, text editing, etc here.  Each blog post will also automatically create it's own URL so you can easily share your post with others.

IMPORT what you're already writing!

Already blogging?  Pumping out stock thoughts via Twitter?

Awesome!  Just click the appropriate icon, input the info and boom...your existing feeds become part of your mytrade page automagically! you've got your page all set up and you're pumping out content, it's time to get some followers!  Tell your friends and family to check out your page and follow you....follow others....and promote yourself on the web.

You'll be a mytrade all-star in no time!  (more on that later ;) )

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Share and Find real trades on mytrade

Mytrade allows you to share real trades, and copy the trades of others who you follow inside of your thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade platform.

To find and copy a trade:

On the “thinkShare” tab, you’ll see real trades on the left side of the page flowing in as other mytrade users share them.

When you find a trade you’d like to copy into your account, simply 1) click the copy icon just to the right of it, and then 2) click the “paste” icon at the top-right of the “tools” tab next to the setup button….as shown here:


[CLICK IMAGE to enlarge, as always on mytrade]

Once you click paste, the trade will pop up in the trade entry panel inside of thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade, where you can adjust it, analyze it or execute it just like any other trade!

Cool huh?  Quick hint— when you find someone who’s trades you really like, click their name to go to their mytrade page and click to “follow” them.  Once you are following a great group, the “Everyone I follow” option on thinkshare will really filter out the noise.

To share a trade with others:

Just place your trade like normal inside of the thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade software, and on the order-confirmation screen check the box “Share on MyTrade”.  That’s it!

As long as you have a completed mytrade proflie, your trade will show up in the thinkShare feed.  (to complete your profile page, just click on the “MY PAGE” tab and go to settings…it’s easy.)

In addition, your trades will also go onto your custom mytrade page, like

So next time you find a vertical or iron condor that just can’t be beat, share that trade with the rest of us….and email your friends a link to your mytrade page and show them how much they’re missing!

p.s. Don't be lame....share your exits on non-winners too.

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