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Share and Find real trades on mytrade

Mytrade allows you to share real trades, and copy the trades of others who you follow inside of your thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade platform.

To find and copy a trade:

On the “thinkShare” tab, you’ll see real trades on the left side of the page flowing in as other mytrade users share them.

When you find a trade you’d like to copy into your account, simply 1) click the copy icon just to the right of it, and then 2) click the “paste” icon at the top-right of the “tools” tab next to the setup button….as shown here:


[CLICK IMAGE to enlarge, as always on mytrade]

Once you click paste, the trade will pop up in the trade entry panel inside of thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade, where you can adjust it, analyze it or execute it just like any other trade!

Cool huh?  Quick hint— when you find someone who’s trades you really like, click their name to go to their mytrade page and click to “follow” them.  Once you are following a great group, the “Everyone I follow” option on thinkshare will really filter out the noise.

To share a trade with others:

Just place your trade like normal inside of the thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade software, and on the order-confirmation screen check the box “Share on MyTrade”.  That’s it!

As long as you have a completed mytrade proflie, your trade will show up in the thinkShare feed.  (to complete your profile page, just click on the “MY PAGE” tab and go to settings…it’s easy.)

In addition, your trades will also go onto your custom mytrade page, like

So next time you find a vertical or iron condor that just can’t be beat, share that trade with the rest of us….and email your friends a link to your mytrade page and show them how much they’re missing!

p.s. Don't be lame....share your exits on non-winners too.

mytrade support | 7/27/2010 1:22:58 PM | 34 Comments