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Customize your mytrade DASHBOARD

The mytrade dashboard is designed to simplify your investing research, and leverage your results:

  • Import all of the updated content and data that matters to you from around the internet, automatically
  • Display everything in a format that has been completely customized by you
  • Review complete news stories, blog posts and other content without ever leaving your start page
  • Track your stocks and investment opportunities with streaming quotes, charts and feeds.

Here’s how it works:

Your mytrade dashboard is made up of 3 columns, each containing little content boxes that we call “pods”.

Pods bring in fresh content from around the internet for easy display in a single location—-YOUR mytrade dashboard! Pods can contain anything from watchlist quotes to charts to blog feed headlines to videos.

This allows you to completely customize your dashboard, essentially creating the ultimate website for YOUR investing style:

Add new pods: Click on “Customize this tab” and a menu will drop down with all of the different pod types that we support



On the left are the pod categories…scrollling over those will show you the different pods in that category. You can scroll through the pod options by clicking the left/right arrows in the main area to see more.

Just click on the pod type that you want to add and it will be placed on your page!

Rearrange pods: You can also move pods to different areas of the dashboard to make sure you get the flow that you’re after. To do this, simply click on the title-bar at top of the pod and drag and drop it where you want it to be. Don’t worry, every time you make a change to the page, your new layout is automatically saved.

Remove pods: To remove a pod from your dashboard, just click on the “x” at the top right of the pod. Poof!

Tabs separate content: Your dashboard is also separated into “tabs”. Each tab is unique and can have its own pods and layout. For example, you can make one tab your start page, one a collection of your favorite blogs (rss) and another dedicated to your favorite stock with charts, news and other content about that stock…

In the example above, you can see that the current tab is called “home”, the tab next to it is “my holdings”, etc. There are several things you can do with tabs:

  • Rename a tab by double-clicking quickly on its name
  • Change the order of your tabs by dragging and dropping them
  • Add a new tab by clicking no the “Add a New Tab” button
  • Delete a tab by using the drop down arrow on the current tab

As you can see, by combining unlimited pod combinations with the ability to “tab” your content, you can create the ultimate investing dashboard for your trading style.

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