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Integrate mytrade with your twitter account


Mytrade is fully integrated with twitter, so you can take your mytrade commentary and shared trades out to all of your twitter friends, and vice versa.  (If you don’t yet have a twitter account, get one at and follow mytrade on twitter.)

Getting Setup

Under the “MY PAGE” tab on mytrade, click on “My Settings” at the top right of the page.  Here you will see all of your user info, including a “twitter” section (as seen below.


Just put in your twitter username and password, and then select the actions that you want taken (more on that in a minute).

Share Trades to Twitter:

If you have the “Automatically export my trades to twitter” box checked in your settings, we will post your shared trades from thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade to your twitter account for you automatically.  

Import “tweets” to mytrade:

If you have the “Import my twitter messages that contain a $” box checked, we’ll grab anything you post on twitter that contains a dollar-sign and pull it into your mytrade account.  This way, you can update your mytrade page from your mobile, tweetdeck, iPhone or whatever you like to use.

NOTE:  Only twitter posts containing a $ will be imported, because we don’t want to hear about what your dog had for breakfast…..and it’s standard practice on twitter to put a $ before any ticker….for example:  $MCD is looking good today!

Export mytrade notes/blogs to twitter:

If you have a twitter username and password in your mytrade settings, you will start to see a checkbox “export to twitter” whenever you are writing a note or blog.  Just check it and we’ll post the trade to mytrade AND twitter on your behalf!

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